Call Us: (+1) 508-875-7086

TO REQUEST A PRESCRIPTION REFILL: Please call our office at 508-875-7086, press 3 at the prompt, and follow the directions to leave a voicemail for our pharmacy technician. This voicemail is checked daily!

Our office hours are 8am - 6pm, 7 days a week.

Please be aware: WE ARE NOT BOARDING AND/OR GROOMING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We are also not accepting checks until further notice.

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Our staff are Fear Free Certified so that you and your pet have the most enjoyable and stress-free visit with us as possible.  We have developed a variety of recommendations for you based on our experiences during the pandemic and several ongoing studies.  Please read our recommendations on how we can work together to improve your pet’s experiences at Slade Veterinary Hospital by going to the "First Visit Etiquette" section on the top right of this page under "New Patients."

We are also AAHA accredited for over 25 years!

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We breed dogs and cats to preserve a closed, and therefore endangered, gene pool. With each planned breeding of our purebred/purpose-bred dog or cherished feline, we aim to produce a generation of healthier offspring. Whether you need pre-breeding health clearances for both your stud dog and brood bitch, semen cryopreservation, advanced insemination procedures, high risk pregnancy monitoring or DNA testing of neonates, we help you breed for success.

Bringing Scripts Back Home!


We are excited to announce that we have launched our Slade Online Pharmacy! Please help support your local vet by ordering through our online pharmacy! Here is why:

SAFETY IS #1: Our #1 priority is providing your pet with safe and effective medication. Anything you order from our pharmacy is FDA-regulated and manufacturer guaranteed.

SAVINGS: Our store offers rebates, auto-ship discounts, coupons and free expedited shipping to make sure you are getting the the best quality products at the best prices available.

CONVENIENCE: Manage refills, place orders (prescription or not), and have medication delivered right to your door. You have access to so many different products on our store!

Thank you to all of our clients and furry friends for your support in helping empower our staff by bringing prescriptions back home!