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Our office hours are 8am - 6pm, 7 days a week. 

Please be aware: we are not accepting checks until further notice.

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The Working Dog Project is a collaborative effort of the Theriogenology Foundation and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. It is the most ambitious canine behavioral genetics study ever conceived and is designed to identify the genetic basis for working ability in dogs by comparing the DNA of thousands of dogs through the use of whole genome sequencing.

The brand new Working Dog Project website is here! 

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We breed purebred dogs and cats to preserve a closed, and therefore endangered, gene pool. With each planned breeding of our purebred/purpose-bred dog or cherished feline, we aim to produce a generation of healthier offspring. Whether you need pre-breeding health clearances for both your stud dog and brood bitch, semen cryopreservation, advanced insemination procedures, high risk pregnancy monitoring or DNA testing of neonates, we help you breed for success.

Slade's COVID Policy Update

Slade's COVID Policy Update


Slade Veterinary Hospital will go back to a limited opening of our facility!

For office visits, you can expect the following:

  • Text us when you arrive and we will text you back when we are ready for you to meet us at the front door (street side.)
  • One masked adult may accompany your pet

Curbside service will always remain an option for clients who would prefer this. 

  • Curbside service is mandatory for all medication and food pickups

  • Blood draw and technician appointments will remain a curbside service

For over a year, as you are probably aware, we have been experiencing an incredibly heavy case load. We are asking for your patience and understanding. Thank you for helping us make this transition. We look forward to seeing you!