Ira C. Kaplan, DVM, MSc

Dr. Kaplan is the Slade Veterinary Hospital designated utility player. Whether working as a clinician, CFO or running errands for the hospital administrator, he brings the maturity of 40 years of experience to the job.

Dr. Kaplan started his career path majoring in Sociology at the University of Cincinnati. He volunteered, helping indigent persons at the Cincinnati Free Clinic on Saturdays, and realized that his desire to connect with people was best achieved while interacting with the animals in their lives.

Dr. Kaplan is a 1974 summa cum laude graduate of The Ohio State University College of Agriculture and received his Master’s degree in Veterinary Reproductive Physiology concurrent with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1978.

Dr. Kaplan moved to Massachusetts to join boyhood friends all of whom left shortly after his arrival. But, he found a business partner in his first employer and they operated a multi- location animal hospital for 38 years.

Dr. Kaplan is a fancier of Bullmastiffs and bred his girl, Ch. Zildjian Oakridge Princess Leia, CD resulting in a litter that produced Oakridge Luke Skywalker. Competing against professional handlers Ira and Luke completed an AKC Championship and went on to achieve status as the 5th Champion –UD in breed history. The Utility title (UD) in 1997 set the stage for Dr. Kaplan’s current involvement with the American Kennel Club as a licensed obedience judge.

Dr. Kaplan served on the Board of Directors of NEADS, Inc. for 28 years and is a current Director of the Greater Lowell Kennel Club and Baystate Bullmastiff Club and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Theriogenology Foundation.

Dr. Kaplan has lived with 17 Bullmastiffs since 1982, 10 of which achieved CDX, RE status and most with breed championships to their credit.

Dr. Kaplan enjoys, in no particular order, Santa Fe, New Mexico, tennis and sharing the moment with his wife, Anita.

Dr. Ira C. Kaplan with Bryce (CH Oakridge ‘N Blackslate The Bryce Is Right! CDX RE)