Tamara I. Kremer Mecabell, DVM

Dr. Kremer Mecabell joined our veterinary team in March 2016.

Dr. Kremer Mecabell was born in Argentina, as a second generation of Russian and Polish immigrants, but doesn't speak either language. After finishing high school in Buenos Aires, she immigrated to Israel, where she studied Animal Sciences and Veterinary School at the Koret School of Veterinary Medicine. While studying and working in different part-time positions as a laboratory technician, a zoo keeper and pet store employee, she created a program of animal support to help adults with mental disabilities. She also volunteered as a math teacher to Ethiopian immigrants. This made her love to help people in different situations and she was honored with a special award at the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament.

Dr. Kremer Mecabell graduated in December 2004 and she moved to Boston, MA, following her husband in his dream to become a Harvard Professor.

In 2005, she volunteered in the Cardiology Department at Angell Animal Medical Center, worked as a veterinary technician in the Oncology Department, and later returned to complete her internship. She began private practice as a veterinarian for VCA in Newton, MA, helped organize the opening of Waltham’s Angell West and now enjoys performing General and Internal Medicine in Framingham. Since 2017, Dr. Kremer Mecabell has been responsible for the dental procedures of our hospital, where she enjoys helping dogs getting better smiles and owners receiving nicer kisses.

Dr. Kremer Mecabell is married and has two kids. She enjoys hiking when the weather allows it, playing with her kids, whistling to her canary Pichuqui and going to the gym. She is always busy and on the go but can always stop to ask people if they need help. She speaks Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese and English, all with an accent and a smile!

Tamara I Kremer Mecabell, DVM

Dr. Tamara I. Kremer Mecabell with Crunch