Senior Pet Care

To keep your pets feeling their finest in their later years, we recommend bi-annual visits to address any age-related health problems. These may include conditions like arthritis, vision or hearing loss, cancer, chronic kidney disease, and behavioral changes.

Other recommendations to discuss with us may include:

  • dietary adjustments
  • supplements, such as joint supplements or fish oil
  • introduction of pain medications
  • routine labwork and imaging
  • routine diagnostics such as blood pressure or eye pressure checks
  • household environment modifications, such as orthopedic beds or help-me-up harnesses
  • hygiene modifications
  • quality of life discussions

Please visit the American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA) website to learn more about the their recommendations on senior pet care.

Maria Svensson holding Tatum with Dr. Martin for a glaucoma check

Maria (right) holding Tatum with Dr. Marianne Martin for a glaucoma check.